Winter on the Rocks with TnT Customs

IMG_1323We would like to welcome all the participants of WOTR. We look forward to a fun event and hope you all enjoy your visit. Winter on the Rocks Committee has tried to take every possible precaution to assist you in having a safe and enjoyable adventure while you are here. Because of the nature of this particular sport, it must be understood by every participant that there are inherent dangers during off road recreation. The WOTR, its sponsors and supporters and public land management agencies cannot be responsible or liable for any accidents or mishaps, or personal or property damage which occurs during this event. By registering for WOTR each participant takes upon himself personal responsibility for his own safety and well being, and that of others in his care. Participants are required to stay with their groups and follow designated guides. This will help provide for the safety and comfort of all participants. Guides will assist the group in determining and maintaining a safe and comfortable speed and will determine the routes to be followed. Please remember whip flags for you vehicle, as they are required on all trails.

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  • Lucas Oil - Regional Off Road Series Utah
  • American Musicians Radio
  • Grit Freestyle Scooters
  • Krawl Zone
  • Lucky Scooter Parts
  • MADD GEAR Action Sports - MPG USA
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